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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't miss this victorian looking watch!

Today is a good day for this beautiful Victorian looking watch, because it has received many compliments today. If your not looking for the usual red flowers or candy for Valentine's day, this piece is a one of kind gift. Even though I love this piece, it is not meant to be produced in multiples. Additional information on this piece which is sure to become a favorite watch is available at

I also have finished a darling pink bangle that I have to get listed soon, and am working on so many other ideas. I just wish there was more time to bead, and less demands on my time from outside sources. But I bet this is a wish that the majority of people have.

As you probably know, I am a Biggest Loser junkie, and last night's episode really threw me. I never expected the orange team to leave, but Dan looked great, and I hope he wins the $100,000. Joelle and Carla are going to drive me nuts, and they should have been gone long ago in my humble opinion. What are your thoughts on the show?

I will talk to you soon.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Free Advertising on blog

It's time to change things up again. Would you like to post your etsy mini here on my blog? Just leave a comment with the code for a 2x4 thumbnail, and I will put as many as possible up. It's just kinda my way of giving back to all the wonderful people who have helped me on this journey.

Things are becoming more hectic at work, and it has just begun. Are you ready for the dreaded tax season? There are not a huge amount of changes this year, but if you want to review them and see if any apply to you, this is the website for the IRS:,,id=202106,00.html?portlet=7

I'm not an expert, but if you have questions, let me know and I will do my best to answer them. I only specialize in personal taxes, not business.

Between my day job (legal assistant), the jewelry business and my own tax clients, life is bound to get hectic soon, but then I get my brand new counter tops in the kitchen. I just hope I can split myself in multiples and make it through.

On the jewelry side, I'm working on a bangle, and hopefully going to learn bead crochet. I've strung the beads, but now have to actually crochet them. Since I've been a crocheter for 30 years, hopefully it will come naturally. Maybe this weekend. I'm thinking I should take work in progress pictures, that way I can let you know what not to do :).

I forgot to tell you, that I have extended the free shipping through January 31. Take advantage now!

Until next time....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Perfect gifts for Valentine's Day

I listed the new additions to my etsy shop today, as promised yesterday. I bet you thought that I wouldn't get to it and the blog wouldn't be updated for while. I also took new pictures of Maddie today, so I had to add one at the end.

Are you looking for a great, unique gift for your sweetheart or something to wear with your outfit for that special night? I just listed a one of kind Valentine's Day bracelet. You don't want to miss this one, as Valentine's day is approaching fast.

In case your not into red, check out the hugs and kisses which would be perfect for your little black dress.

On the left side under my newest additions is my Pocahontas bracelet. It turned out so beautiful and the bronzes and topaz just blends so well. It was fun to make and watch the colors play on each other. But don't forget to wear your sunglasses with this one, because it is sparkly.

On a personal note, I accomplished today what I set out to do. Maddie doesn't need more pictures taken of her, but she is so cute, so I just had too. In case you have been following my dilemas with her, the puppy biting is getting better, and she is behaving periodically. When we leave her in the living room, she starts crying at the gate blocking off the rest of house. It's just too cute.

Thanks for stopping by today, and I will give a minimum of Maddie update by Tuesday.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm back

Life is starting to calm down! The holidays are over, my job is going to go into overdrive with tax season, but best of all there is hope that my new puppy is finally calming down a little. She is so much fun, but has so much energy! Since she is an English Springer Spaniel and now a whopping 14 weeks, she is maybe (and I say this with much hope) recognizing that my fingers are not a toy. Maddie still is nipping a lot, but with lots of exercise and love, she may turn out okay after all. I say this with tongue in cheek, because I know that she will be a great dog, but some days are touch and go. Here are a few newer pictures of her.

I will be adding new pieces to my shop tomorrow. Just in case you forgot where to find me (my fault) it's The green watch is really a great piece, and gets lots of compliments. It definitely is a one of a kind piece!

I hope your weekend is going well and if your in the cold Arctic that has captured the midwest, stay warm.
Just a note: I'm on facebook too. If you want to know more about me, just friend me.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It's finally here and almost gone. I can believe how fast Christmas came. It has been a great two days with family and friends, and I just wanted to wish my cyber friends a Merry Christmas.

I thought that first I would show you some new pictures of my new puppy Maddie. She is now 11 weeks old and loves the snow. She loved Christmas too, and was a huge help in unwrapping presents (prior to the time they were supposed to be opened).

My son will be 21 on Saturday, and even though the holidays are over, I have just a few more days before my parties actually end. We are taking 5 of his friends to the Chicago Wolves hockey game and then to a few bars to celebrate. Much safer this way (and he agreed). Below is a picture of Jason with his dog.
Two more days and counting. If you are over 21, do you remember when it was a huge deal to be 21? Wow time flies.
I know this has been a personal blog today, but Christmas is all about family and friends, so I decided to break habit and not talk about my shops and to share a little of myself with you.
One of the best things that happened this holiday was seeing my cousin Johnny (okay it's really John, but old habits die hard). I haven't seen in him in years, and had the pleasure of meeting his new wife Glenette and her daughter Cassie. I hope to spend more time with them soon.
Have a great day, and I will talk with you soon.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Perfect Gift for Mom or Teacher

Do you always wonder what to get mom when she has everything, or how about that special teacher in your child's life?

These bracelets are unique and let that special person know that you think they are special. The six Swarovski crystals each represent a different meaning, and the poem is original and written by me. This guarantees that receiver of the bracelet will not find this gift anywhere else.

I had so much fun writing the poem and putting the bracelets together, knowing that each one will be treasured by the person who receives it. I also have friendship and daughter bracelets, or if you need one for someone else special, in-law, aunt or any other customized name, just send me an email, and I will put up a listing for you!

These original bracelets and poems are perfect for any occassion. Just check out my shop to purchase. The poem for a mother reads:

This bracelet of many colors is to let you know that I see the many things you do.
Green is for your generous spirit.
Purple is for you patience with me.
Blue is for your smile that brightens my day.
White is for your wisdom you share with me.
Red is for your respect of my uniqueness.
Pink is for your passion of being my mother.
Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.

On a different note, I'm just finishing up my custom orders, and being crazy with my puppy. She is quite the lover, and is really exploring and testing all limits now. My son comes home for Christmas break today, and I'm looking forward to seeing him. I will be taking pictures this weekend, and will add new pictures of the puppy, plus hopefully list some new items.
Talk with you soon!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm Back (and have a new puppy)

I have to apologize for not blogging for so long. Life became very busy and I just let it slide. Thank goodness that New Year's is coming up and I can make a resolution. Okay, just starting a little early, but one of my resolutions is to really blog, do the advertising and give the proper attention to my shops. If I want this to be success, and obtain my long term goals, than I need to give it more attention.

On the personal side, my husband and I added a new puppy to our home on November 30, 2008. Her name is Madison (Maddie), and she is a English Springer Spaniel. She is now 9 weeks old and is so fun, but yet frustrating. Potty training is going well, but sleeping and puppy biting are going to kill me. I haven't slept through the night in two weeks. If you have any great dog training tips, please leave a comment or email me. I'm open to anything. Here are a few pictures that I wanted to share!

My last show of the season was at Santa Maria in Mundelein on December 6. The promoters and organization of the show were fantastic. The exihibitors at the show however seemed to have many of their items under $10, which is not the price range I'm in. I did meet some great exhibitors, potential clients, and saw some friends that I have not seen in long time, so it was a great day anyway. Each show is a learning experience and I learn so much just from socializing. Beading is a solitary sport, so this is my chance to get to know other crafters.
I added new items on 1000 Markets, so take a wander over there and check out the Poinsetta bracelet and earrings: Last chance on these until next year. I just finished a custom order for four of them.
I will talk with you soon.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I decided that every little extra savings helps in this economy, so through December 15, 2008, I am offering free shipping on all pieces. Just convo me through Etsy, or leave a message in notes to seller and I will send a revised Paypal invoice. If you prefer to pay and finish up, I will refund the difference after payment is received.

The Glass Menagerie will be participating in a craft fair on December 6, 2008 at Santa Maria. If you are in the area, stop by and see me.

More pieces are going up today, so keep checking the shop. You can find me in two places: or

This hematite and silver reversible bracelet is the first one up today. I have discovered that pictures really are not the same as the feel and look in person. Everyone that has seen this bracelet falls in love with it. Since black and gray are favorite colors to wear, this bracelet goes with everything. There is more sparkle on one side, and the other side is slightly subdued. I promise this one is not going to last long.
I will talk with you later.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Sunday

I hope everyone's Sunday is going well. Well, the home show was yesterday, and it was a very nice show. The home we were invited to was beautiful. I feel that it was well attended for being in a private home, and I took several custom orders and sold some additional items. One of the best sellers was the Mother's bracelet shown here. (Yes, I took pictures today and am listing items.) I have only listed this item so far, but look for the Teacher's Bracelet, as well as many more in the next few days. I am going to try to get in to the show at Santa Maria in Mundelein, IL on December 9. I do have enough pieces to sell there.

I took some quick pictures of my table while it was set up in my home. The pictures are not the greatest, but I thought I would share them with you, since you have to keep hearing about the show. You all are so patient, to keep coming back while I prepared for this show. It was fun, but I'm happy it is behind me. Now that the table is done, it should be a breeze.

The stands were all custom built by my husband, as well as the lighting that he put together. The lights are all polished chrome, and the displays are wood and stainless, so the table does look high end (but I am a bit prejudiced). The table cloth is light purple satin, and that is not showing well in the pictures.
Well off to list more and to finish dinner. Thanks for visiting, and let me know what you think of the table (in spite of the picture).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you Veterans!

It is Veterans Day, and today should be the day that we make sure to give thanks for the men and woman who serve our country by putting their own lives on the line every day, past and present. I always believe in counting my blessings, and they are definitely at the top blessing list today.

I have completed many new pieces, but have not had time to take pictures. I'm hoping on Sunday, after the show to get them listed. Since this is the first show that I have done in years, it is like starting from scratch. The table looks great, due to the hard work my husband has put in making displays and lighting.

On Sunday, he customized a desk that he got from work, and made my workstation so much bigger. I'm getting used to it, but really like it better.

So, please bear with me the rest of this week, and I will be more on track next week with new listings.