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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm back

Life is starting to calm down! The holidays are over, my job is going to go into overdrive with tax season, but best of all there is hope that my new puppy is finally calming down a little. She is so much fun, but has so much energy! Since she is an English Springer Spaniel and now a whopping 14 weeks, she is maybe (and I say this with much hope) recognizing that my fingers are not a toy. Maddie still is nipping a lot, but with lots of exercise and love, she may turn out okay after all. I say this with tongue in cheek, because I know that she will be a great dog, but some days are touch and go. Here are a few newer pictures of her.

I will be adding new pieces to my shop tomorrow. Just in case you forgot where to find me (my fault) it's The green watch is really a great piece, and gets lots of compliments. It definitely is a one of a kind piece!

I hope your weekend is going well and if your in the cold Arctic that has captured the midwest, stay warm.
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