My Newest Listings

Friday, August 29, 2008

New Addition and Better Pictures

I added the tubular herringbone bangle today. It's so lightweight and fun to wear with your casual wear. It really seems to glow.

I'm updating my pictures, as well as rearranging the blog. As I become more adept at this, there will updates to the site and additions. I hope to make this a place where you want to come back and visit every so often.

I've been busy getting my son ready to go back to college, and finishing the bracelet for the magazine ad. Then decided that earrings were needed too.

You will notice a new picture layout. It will make it easier to see what is up for purchase and a lot less scrolling.

There are more items being listed in the next few days. Finally got a chance to take pictures.

I will talk with you tomorrow. Make sure to come back to see new pictures and new items

Thursday, August 28, 2008

All kinds of changes

Well it's been a busy few days since I last blogged.

I listed two new items: a purple and silver bracelet made from sterling silver twisted tube beads. It really looks like liquid silver flowing around your wrist and is so lightweight. I have received two orders just from wearing the bracelet one day. I'm going to need more wrists to be able to wear more bracelets. The trio of Christmas wreaths are very cute and will look darling on your tree or as a package topper.

I added a list of blogs that I find interesting or helpful. Make sure you check out the first one - Etsy Secrets. It's a list of sellers that offer coupons or discounts, but only through this site. Everyone loves a deal, and if you don't know me, I'm the queen of coupons and love to use them (almost as much as creating jewelry). I will also be listed on there soon offering different discounts. So if you read my blog and jump over there, you will save money.

I also was very lucky this week and was one of 30 people who was quick enough to snag advertising space in the December/January issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion through Etsy. I'm hoping for great things to happen from this ad.

I am working on a very beautiful piece for this ad, and will post it here first, since I shouldn't post it on Etsy for sale until October. It has over 80 Swarovski crystals and is quite the show stopper. I'm going to try to get the earring done too, but only have until September 3 to get the picture in.

There are also two more bracelets going up this weekend.

Friday, August 22, 2008

How exciting! Featured on another Blog

Designing and crafting my jewelry is only one of the processes in this wonderful profession. You also have to market yourself. That's why I'm so excited to let you know that I have been featured today on another blog. Take a look!

I'm still busy with my custom order and hope to finish them this weekend. There is also a craft show that I want to take a look at on Sunday. And in addition, I'm still working with a very talented artist who is designing my new logo, business cards and banner. I can't wait to roll this all out for you to see. I know that you are going to want your own custom design as soon as you see these. She's very creative.

I really am trying to get more pieces listed!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two new items added today!

I added two more beautiful bracelets today.

The hematite and cats eye cuff is made using Beadalon wire, but due to the cool diamond pattern stretches to fit your wrist. This has already been a hit with my customers, especially for a gift item. When you are buying for yourself, you know if a bracelet fits you, but for gift giving it can be hard.

This cuff gives you the luxury of knowing that your gift will last for years since it is made with flexible beading wire, and won't break like stretchy cord, and it will be a custom fit.

The red and silver crystal bracelet made me realize that I'm starting to run a pattern here with diamonds. It's either time to concentrate on other designs, or I'm subconsciously designing around diamonds. I'll have to think on this one. But anyway, this bracelet just sparkles, and I guarantee that when you wear it, it will catch everyone's eye.

As always, anything here can be made to your color or size preference. I finally linked the pictures to my etsy shop, so you can just click on them and they will take you right there.

I have some great items coming up to list. Just have to find the time to photograph them and get my beading time in. Make sure to check back soon.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tumbling Cubes and Triangles Listed

I listed the tumbling cube and triangle bracelet. This is a very fun bracelet. Because of the size of the beads (4mm and 5mm) it creates a pattern that is unique and can be worn with casual to dressy clothes.

I wore mine one day and received 7 orders in different colors and sizes. The cubes are always crystal, and the triangles and seed beads change color.

I have taken the pictures for a hematite and cats eye cuff. It is very unique looking and stretchy, but it is made with wire for durability. The design is what makes it stretchy allowing it to be worn by any size. I also have a red and silver bracelet going up soon. Make sure to watch for both of them to be posted soon.

Well, off to bead. So many ideas, so little time. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Waving Diamonds

I started out my first blog with this piece because of the beauty and fun creating this piece. Over 15 hours of time went into it. Even though it looks delicate, it is very sturdy and will last a very long time. All the beads have at least two passes through them and some of them up to 5 passes. The Japanese seed beads really sparkle as I love working with silver lined colors. It really enhances the piece.

My next project will be to complete the custom orders I have promised. I will be listing a purple and crystal cube bracelet shortly, which created quite a stir. It generated 7 orders in one day!