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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you Veterans!

It is Veterans Day, and today should be the day that we make sure to give thanks for the men and woman who serve our country by putting their own lives on the line every day, past and present. I always believe in counting my blessings, and they are definitely at the top blessing list today.

I have completed many new pieces, but have not had time to take pictures. I'm hoping on Sunday, after the show to get them listed. Since this is the first show that I have done in years, it is like starting from scratch. The table looks great, due to the hard work my husband has put in making displays and lighting.

On Sunday, he customized a desk that he got from work, and made my workstation so much bigger. I'm getting used to it, but really like it better.

So, please bear with me the rest of this week, and I will be more on track next week with new listings.