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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two New Tumbling Cube Bracelets Added.

These two bracelets were added to my Etsy shop today. I love the pattern of them, and how it really looks like tumbling cubes and triangles. The copper one on the left just shines and I have dubbed it Autumn Glow. The tan/gold one on the right really sparkles. Both are perfect for the fall and are sure to receive many compliments. A version of the tan/gold one has also been special ordered for an October wedding.
I will post a few Christmas bracelets tomorrow although actually they are great for all year since one is red and crystal, the other other is green and silver. I also finished a blue spiral and it will be going up soon.
Did you watch Biggest Loser last night? I really enjoy this show. Maybe because it took me so long to lose 30 pounds and the people on the show are really an inspiration. Enough so, that I finally took a walk at lunch today.
Friday will definitely have a new Etsian featured. I had several responses, so there will be a few weeks of new artists, and then I will go with my favorites.