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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Things are happening!

So many good things happened today. I'm so glad that I can tell you about them. First of all, I made my first sale through Etsy! One of my friends told his friends about me and he bought a bracelet for his daughter on Etsy and then came over to pick it up. It was so fun meeting my first Etsy customer.

Then through a contact of my husband, I am going to have the opportunity to be in a juried show in a private home, and was told to have lots of stock on hand. I'm not sure that I can do this, but will be burning the midnight oil to make pieces. And on top of it, she customed ordered a piece for her wedding in October.

I finished two pieces this weekend. One is a darling red and crystal bracelet. The other was so fun and exciting to make. This summer I met a young woman by the name of Jessica Lynne. She is in college majoring in art, but her passion is glasswork. She made me some beautiful one of a kind lampwork beads to use in my pieces. I finally finished my first piece and was so happy to be able to put it on Etsy. You can see it above. It will never be duplicated. I also expect many amazing things from Jessica Lynne in the years to come.

Come back soon to find out about more pieces.