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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tumbling Cubes and Triangles Listed

I listed the tumbling cube and triangle bracelet. This is a very fun bracelet. Because of the size of the beads (4mm and 5mm) it creates a pattern that is unique and can be worn with casual to dressy clothes.

I wore mine one day and received 7 orders in different colors and sizes. The cubes are always crystal, and the triangles and seed beads change color.

I have taken the pictures for a hematite and cats eye cuff. It is very unique looking and stretchy, but it is made with wire for durability. The design is what makes it stretchy allowing it to be worn by any size. I also have a red and silver bracelet going up soon. Make sure to watch for both of them to be posted soon.

Well, off to bead. So many ideas, so little time. Thanks for stopping by.