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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Softpencil Featured Artist Thursday

When I asked artists at Etsy to share their "mini etsy" on my blog, Elizabeth was kind enough to share hers with me. I have to say that I love her work. Look at the colors and details in the above image. "My works are a homage to the Nature and to the beauty of their creatures, where a simple flower or a fragile animal become absolute protagonists. I wish you enjoy them!" is a statement taken from her profile, and it really reflects her work.
You can find SoftPencil's work on etsy at:, or on her website at:

On a side note, I know that there was supposed to be a featured artist yesterday, but time just ran away from me. My day job is a legal assistant and we got a new client that had to have a lot of work done yesterday and I worked late. I know that I should not make promises that can't be kept, so the decision has been made to just blog at least every other day, and to do one feature a week. I really enjoy the features, since I get to explore new artists and learn about them.

Glass Menagerie (me) has been invited to a private home show on November 15. It is for a charitable cause and should have a great turnout.
Also, the Halloween bracelet sold last night on Etsy. This was exciting as it lets me know that the shop is getting noticed. My first sale was by word of mouth, but this one came out of the blue. Thank you so much to my buyer, and here's hoping for many more. I relisted the bracelet because the buyer did a custom order for a difference size. So if you like this bracelet (see previous post), nows the time to buy it. After Halloween, it will be gone.

Grey's is on tonight, lets hope it's better then last week. Have a great Thursday!


Softpencil said...

Thanks a lot for featuring my work!!!